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Massage Therapist Takes Leap, Leaves City

By Michelle Annette Tremblay

“It seems like there’s a mass exodus from Toronto,” says Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Troy Miller about his new home in Bancroft.

“Everybody is moving here.”

We’re sitting in the living room of the darling house where Troy lives with his partner, Wayne, and operates his massage therapy and DoTerra essential oil businesses. To our right is a beautiful fireplace and mantel and behind us sunlight streams in through the window. It was this lovely two-level home with a large backyard, on a quiet tree-lined street, that finally convinced the couple to leave the city just a little over a year ago.

“I saw an ad for the house online. Sharon White was the listing agent,” explains Troy. He and Wayne weren’t looking for a new home, but the idea of leaving the stress of the city had been gnawing at them for a while.

“I clicked on the ad, and loved the house right away. And of course, the internet being what it is, once I clicked on the ad, it kept showing up. It’s a good thing it did. Eventually, I had to show it to Wayne.”

Wayne also liked the look of the house and had been looking for a lifestyle change after recently leaving a stressful corporate job. Both Troy and Wayne had grown up in small towns before eventually migrating to the city for their education and careers. The idea of returning to their small town roots, and owning their own home at an affordable price – with enough room for themselves, the business, and hobbies – was immensely appealing. So after mulling it over, they took a deep breath, called Sharon, and scheduled a showing.

“As soon as we were here we both fell in love with the house, and within a week we put in an offer,” confesses Troy. The house is just a short walk from downtown but has lots of space and privacy.

“There’s a half acre, with lots of room for gardening, which both Wayne and I love. There were just so many features that were drawing us in, and I’ve always wanted to have space in my home for my massage practice. Now I finally do.”

Troy’s practice is all about healing and alignment. He started his career with a foundation in reflexology, then built on his skills becoming a registered massage therapist. From there he studied  Reiki, Indian head massage, aromatherapy, energy work, and finally psychotherapy. Since moving to Bancroft and setting up his new practice, Troy has also joined the team at LiveFit Gym as a massage therapist, as well as Grail Springs Wellness Retreat, which is located just outside of Bancroft and has been crowned Canada’s Best Wellness Retreat.

“We met people and made connections and friendships so easily,” says Troy with a grin. “I just said to Wayne a couple of days ago, ‘look at all the people we’ve met!’ Back in the city, you don’t get that. You don’t run into people you want to talk to in the grocery store. But here you do. We have great neighbours and we’ve been really well received by the community.”

Located in Hastings County, Bancroft is a small town that at least doubles in size each summer as people from all over Canada – in fact, all over the world – come to enjoy the clean lakes, trails, camping, and cottage life. Hastings County boasts some of the most affordable real estate in the province. Case and point, Troy and Wayne were able to sell their home in the city, and buy their new home in Bancroft outright. They’re mortgage-free homeowners: something that many urban Canadians can only

fantasize about.

“It feels amazing to be debt free,” says Troy. “The idea of being financially free was definitely another reason we leaped, because we had a sense of security knowing that we have another source of income through DoTerra. We still have jobs, but we don’t have to work full-time like we did when we were in the city. There’s a lot less stress in our lives now, for sure,” says Troy emphatically. “We have more freedom, and we don’t have that heavy feeling of having to be on the clock constantly, rushing to get anywhere.”

Next up, the couple looks forward to embracing winter activities like skiing and snowshoeing, since Hastings County gets lots of snow each winter, and converting their garage into a massage studio.

We’re really happy here, exclaims Troy, adding, “it just felt like coming home.”

To book a session with Troy, or learn more about his practice, visit And if you’re inspired by Troy and Wayne’s story, and think you might be ready to take a leap into a new life in the country, be sure to check out more stories about people just like you who have made Hastings County home at